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Artist Training & Development

Connecting the Dots in Music collaborates with some of the world's most creative, skilled and compassionate artists to deliver high-impact projects in diverse settings including education, community and health. We believe that teaching artists and creative music leaders play a fundamental role in our society by using music to connect communities and empower individuals to find and express their own creative voice. At a time of such global challenge, we recognise the value of artists to be more significant than ever before.

we foster

diversity and inclusivity

We are committed to supporting the ongoing development of local artists through professional training and networking opportunities. Through partnerships and collaborations, we invite emerging and established artists to explore new pathways of working, diversify their skills, and engage in peer-to-peer mentoring. By growing a rich network of skilled project-musicians, we seek to provide new and meaningful pathways for artists to connect with communities in an impactful way, based upon international best practice and research.  

"A rich day that celebrated the diverse and unique talents and creativity of musicians in SA. So much energy and passion and empathy and emotion in the room. I can’t quite describe it but it was amazing. The best PD day I have shared."​

In August 2020, Connecting the Dots in Music launched its first ever Lullaby Project Australia Artist Training day that was open to professional musicians with an interest in creative music leadership and community collaboration. This initial program was led by local and international leaders in the field – including Thomas Cabaniss (Juilliard/Carnegie Hall) and Eric Booth (Juilliard/Lincoln Centre) - and explored the background, scope and impact of the Lullaby Project worldwide. Participants worked together to develop key tools, share experiences, and build vital knowledge for working as creative music leaders within community settings.

In January 2023, we delivered our first 2 day Artist Development Residency at UKARIA Cultural Centre in the Adelaide Hills. Musicians and artists spent two days immersing themselves in world-class creative music-making, sharing, collaborating and learning, joined by international and local presenters, artists and industry leaders to explore and expand the field of teaching artistry in South Australia.

We are delighted to be leading the way in developing a South Australian network of exceptional artists who have high level cultural understanding and sensitivity, collaborative leadership skills, and who are bold, passionate and creative thinkers who are committed to enhancing lives through music. 

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