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Music education can play a vital role in the social, emotional and cognitive development of young children.

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We are committed to working with cross-sector partners to ensure that music programs of the highest quality can be accessed by all families. As experienced educators, we design and develop workshop opportunities to share our skills, knowledge and research to enable new ways for families to engage in inclusive music-making across our communities.  

Making Music Matter was born out of a collaboration between Raising Literacy Australia and Connecting the Dots in Music that led to the development of a professional development program for librarians, childcare workers, and community centre staff. Reflecting international research and best-practice music teaching, we provide key resources, practical support, networking, skill development and training in early childhood music approaches. Our vision is to inspire and support organisations to enhance and grow early years music programs for the benefit of our communities.


Amongst other workshops, Emily Gann was invited by the State Library of South Australia to present to public librarians working across South Australia. Her passion and knowledge as a workshop facilitator has been broadly acknowledged.

Connect with us to explore ways that we can support your organisation to grow its capacity for delivering music education programs within your community. 


"I really enjoyed Emily's program yesterday and felt very inspired from her ideas and her experience."

"Emily was an extremely good presenter, very engaging. I found her very easy to work with. Inspiring work she is doing."


"I would have loved to have had more time! Emily is very inspiring and real advocate for music."

"Emily covered a lot of material in the time that she had. I loved that she demonstrated a library session & involved us!"

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