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We are thrilled to launch our Connecting the Dots in Music Mentorship Program in 2021. Committed to inspiring and developing a new generation of creative artists,  this initiative provides selected emerging artists with diverse mentorship and industry opportunities, supported by our team of project artists.

Across a yearlong program, mentees gain:

  • access to 1:1 coaching with world leading arts leaders/artists 

  • training in key music leadership skills in education, community engagement, composition, administration, marketing, entrepreneurship and social impact

  • chances to research, travel to, observe and evaluate other pioneering projects

  • experience in building, establishing and delivering innovative projects through our unique model of collaborative leadership

  • skills in project management and teaching artistry within current programs 

  • opportunities to develop and present creative workshops in community venues

  • support to design and build their own new creative project/pursuit

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Thea Martin: 2021 Mentee

"Being offered this mentorship with Connecting the Dots in Music is one of the most significant steps towards creating the future that I see for myself as a teaching artist, educator and community musician. Having the opportunity to be mentored by such dedicated and inspirational figures will provide me with invaluable skills, assisting me to further my abilities in giving others opportunities to engage with art and music in innovative ways. I am passionate about creating a world where connecting with music and communities is accessible and meaningful for all, and I know that my time spent assisting with the delivery of  programs will expand my perspective and understanding of the impact such projects can have."

Thea is an aspiring creative music educator, violinist and teaching artist from Adelaide, Australia. She currently works as an ensemble director and instrumental teacher, and has also worked with The Adelaide Youth Orchestras, Connecting the Dots in Music, Girls Rock! Adelaide, Paul Rissmann and Julian Ferraretto in a variety of educational settings. She is currently completing a Bachelor of Music (Advanced) majoring in Music Education and Pedagogy at the Elder Conservatorium. In 2019, she was awarded a 1st place scholarship with the Norwood Symphony Orchestra, which has allowed her to dedicate herself to developing her skills as a violinist. Thea aims to develop and deliver engaging music opportunities for the community centred on active, creative and participatory practice. Additionally, she writes music education articles, publishes interviews with Adelaide musicians, and plays with a folk trio called Eyrie.


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