Founded by Emily Gann in 2018, Connecting the Dots in Music is a progressive organisation that serves as a connector between the arts, education and community sectors. As project leaders, educators and consultants, we pride ourself on supporting and developing world-class music programs through a process of deep community engagement and collaborative leadership. 


Our areas of specialist knowledge and experience includes:

  • Music for Social Impact initiatives

  • Community Engagement programs for arts organisations

  • Music education models and training

  • Creative music projects

  • Partnership working and collaborative leadership structures

  • Teaching Artistry training and development

With a commitment to “building connections for a better world”, we harness the power of music for the benefit of all people.  By applying systems-level thinking, we strategically build partnerships to build and support creative programs of exceptional quality. 

Eric Booth

Connecting the Dots in Music "consistently seeks to break new ground artistically, while positively impacting the lives of all those involved"

Our flagship projects, consultancy services and artist training programs have been recognised internationally for their quality, innovation and outcomes. We are proud to demonstrate a progressive way of working in the arts that is proving to build stronger communities, empower artists and participants,  and grow international connections and opportunities.

 Our Team 

Emily Gann

Founding Director

As an arts leader, music educator and producer, Emily Gann founded Connecting the Dots in Music and Lullaby Project Australia following significant international travel, research and experience. Acknowledged for her creative leadership and vision, Emily passionately believes in the power of music to empower & connect communities.

Hilary Kleinig

Associate Director

Hilary Kleinig is a multidisciplinary musician who works as a cellist, composer, creative producer, & educator. She is passionate about creating new work with artists/communities that tell vital & courageous stories important to us today.