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A project produced and delivered by Thea Martin, Connecting the Dots in Music mentee 2021.


Exploring the importance of developing mental and physical spaces for creativity is the foundation of this collaborative composition project. Together, approximately 25 high school age musicians will explore what it means to create with sound, connecting into a series of works in music and literature, with a primary focus on Adelaide composer, Anne Cawrse’s 2020 work for string quartet, A Room of Her Own and the inspiration for the composition, Virginia Woolf’s seminal essay A Room of One’s Own. Participants will collaborate on their own compositions, working with creative tools and compositional ideas explored in Cawrse’s music and Woolf’s essay, with a particular focus on what it means to quote, share and borrow ideas when working in a dialogic artistic space. The student musicians and teaching artists will navigate together what it means to be part of an entwined story; continuing, reimagining and developing a creative tradition, as well as the essential nature of providing accessible spaces for all, to support free connection with our own innate creativity. 

This workshop seeks to: 

  • Build student confidence in their own creative capacities, to share their stories in a collaborative space 

  • To develop skills and habits of mind for encountering new musical experiences 

  • To demonstrate the community need for new music by local artists to be used in pedagogical environments 

  • To amplify the creative voices of women in music; present, past and emerging 

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Further Info

THEA MARTIN - Project Leader

Thea is an emerging teaching artist, music educator, conductor and advocate for accessible, creative music making opportunities for all. She is 2021 graduate at the Elder Conservatorium of Music with a Bachelor of Music (Advanced) majoring in Music Education and Pedagogy. 

As 2021 Connecting the Dots in Music Mentee and a 2021 Carclew Fellow, Thea Martin has used these opportunities to devise and establish her own project with the guidance of mentors such as Emily Gann, Anne Cawrse, Eric Booth and more.


Together with four Elder Conservatorium students and Adelaide Youth Orchestra alumnus, Thea will facilitate the workshop and concert, working collaboratively with the students and teaching artists. 

Assisted by the South Australian Government through Carclew 

Supported by Connecting the Dots in Music in partnership with City of Prospect 

Contact Details 

Thea Martin 


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