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We provide advice, training and support to diverse arts, community and education organisations. Our broad areas of expertise and experience position us well to support people to design programs for social impact, connect with artists, enhance music education programs, source project funding and build partnerships. Our work is based upon extensive research, experience and leadership as educators, performers, arts workers, creative producers and collaborators.


As members of the Global Leaders Program and international partners of Carnegie Hall Weill Institute of Music, we bring the most up-to-date information and practice to artists and organisations across Australia.


We have advised and supported organisations including Co-Opera, Raising Literacy Australia, Australian Session Orchestra, Carclew, Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, SA Music Education Roundtable.

Our areas of specialist knowledge and experience includes:

  • Music for Social Impact initiatives

  • Community and Education Programs for arts organisations

  • Music education models and training

  • Creative music projects

  • Partnership working and collaborative leadership structures

  • Teaching Artistry training and development

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