Building connections for a better world through music


 Our Story 

Connecting the Dots in Music describes a unique philosophy and vision that recognises

the power of music 

and connection in building a better world.


Through music, we bring people together to connect with their own voices, their families, their communities. We provide an inclusive space and creative platform for people to be heard and to share stories that aren't often told. Through experiential, participatory engagement, we invite people to discover their own potential and explore new possibilities.


By connecting ideas, people, artists, organisations and communities, we seek to grow 

the capacity to affect positive social impact through accessible, inclusive and 

creative music programs of outstanding quality.


Focussing on collaborative design, creative problem solving and meaningful engagement,

we work to develop bespoke, world-class programs that make a significant difference

to the lives of individuals and communities.

we believe

in the power of music

• Participation in music has the power to improve lives and strengthen communities.

• Our world needs deep community now, more than ever before

• Music belongs in and for communities, not as an elitist activity for the lucky few

• Music participation can support the physical, social and emotional development of young children from the earliest years of life

• Everyone has musical potential that deserves to be nurtured

• Cross-sector partnerships hold the key to exceptional and accessible music making opportunities for all people

• Genuine community engagement is essential to achieving positive impact for communities and individuals


enable new ways of working, understanding, teaching, designing, creating and implementing ideas. Equipped with a common goal and a bank of shared resources from which to draw upon, collaborative working enables us to successfully transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, and turn possibilities into realities.


By committing to true engagement, we can  achieve long term and sustainable success as we work towards a better world. 

In partnership,

we are stronger.


we can make a difference.